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Pre-Kindergarten - 4th Grade


Students learn Spanish in a natural way through hand gestures, body language, and actions expressed in creative stories. 


Emphasis is on speaking fluency. High frequency words and all vocabulary are embedded in stories and include; days of the week, shapes, colors, numbers, body parts, months, school supplies, clothes, weather, emotions, places, animals and more. 


Reading in Spanish is introduced in 3rd grade and some of the topics students learn in their regular classes are used in Spanish class to help them make the connections.


The goal is to set a strong foundation of their new language to be ready for 5th grade.


5th - 8th Grade


Students continue to build upon their Spanish language skills. A Spanish immersion approach is used where learning is accelerated.  Spanish is used 90% of instructional time and the focus is on speaking fluency.  Students read books and role play the characters and situations. 


Students write creative stories and dialogues which they present on the spot every week in a mini skit, individually or in groups. Students take virtual trips to Spanish speaking countries to listen to the different accents and understand the culture.

The main goal is to be fluent in Spanish for different real life and career settings.  When students graduate 8th grade, their level of Spanish is higher than level 1 of high school Spanish. 

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