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In the Art Classes at the Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs, the students are given the opportunity to create art using a variety of materials. Students will learn about famous artists and art styles, the elements of art and how they apply to their art projects. The curriculum in Art is based on the Core Curriculum standards with emphasis in specific areas the students are studying in their classroom, therefore creating an opportunity to learn about their studies using a hands-on approach. Students have at least one project each year in which they create a clay work of art. Their clay art projects are also related to their classroom studies and/or basic elements as applied in a sculptural piece.
The students are given opportunities for individual exploration in creating art, also. As time allows, students may create a work of art using the “free art” materials that are available to them. Students are encouraged at all times to create from an individual perspective and value each person’s creation as a ‘one of a kind.’ They will leave the BFSMS art classes with an introductory knowledge of art materials and their use, famous artists and works of art in relation to a historical context, and have learned skills to enable them to approach any art project with a sense of familiarity.

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