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Uniform Dress Code

The purpose of wearing school uniforms is to encourage our students to experience a greater sense of school identity and belonging.  It has been proven that uniforms help reduce distractions, so students can focus on their schoolwork, which increases their academic performance. Uniforms also help eliminate peer pressure where clothing is concerned and wearing a uniform saves time and reduces stress by eliminating the difficult decision about what to wear each day. 

Students wear their spirit shirts on Fridays with plain denim jeans or shorts with the black/navy belt and their choice of athletic tennis shoes. Spirit shirts are available at our school office after the beginning of the school year. Occasional exceptions occur such as certain field trips and “Duds Day”. Students will be notified in advance when these exceptions apply. In all cases of student dress, the principle of neat and clean will apply; clothes must fit properly and not have holes, frayed edges, or obvious safety pins. Parents will be called and asked to bring a change of clothes if a student is not dressed appropriately. 

Click Here for Uniform Examples

How Do I Order Uniforms?

Uniforms may be purchased from either of our approved vendors.

  • To begin, click on one of the vendor links below

  • Search by school name (0r use the Lands' End preferred # 900120304)

  • Under Grade/Status select your child's grade

Dennis Uniform

431 Isom Road Ste. 101

San Antonio, Tx 78216


BFSMS Uniform Web ID Code: 900120304


Girls Grooming and Dress

Hairstyles will be neat, clean, and conservative with bangs worn no lower than the eyebrows. Natural hair color only, and only hair accessories that school colors or plaid are permitted. Earrings will be stud and post only. Multiple necklaces and/or bracelets are not acceptable. No tattoos, temporary tattoos, or other piercings are permitted. Wristwatches without sound effects may be worn. Skirts, skorts and shorts including Friday jean shorts need to be fingertip length.

Girls must wear all white tennis sneakers or white/blue Saddle Oxfords. These can be found on, and various department stores.

Boys Grooming and Dress

Hairstyles will be neat, clean and attractive, with an overall length of no more than three/four inches. Hair shall not touch the collar nor hang below the eyebrows or ears. Natural hair color only. No tattoos, temporary tattoos, nor piercings allowed. Wristwatches without sound effects may be worn. A cross or other Christian necklace may be worn by boys. No other jewelry will be permitted.

Boys must wear all white or all black tennis sneakers. These can be found on, and various department stores.


Backpacks and Lunch Boxes

  • Backpacks should be solid colored (no designs/no caricatures) with your child’s name, initials, monogram or luggage tag.

  • Lunch boxes can be any color or design (ex. butterflies, flowers, camo, airplanes, etc., but no skulls, nor scary characters /no caricatures)

PreK Nap Mats

  • Nap mats are required for grades PK-3 and PK-4

  • The nap mat should roll up and fasten easily

  • Your child’s name should be written on the nap mat

  • Any color and print is allowed

  • Sleeping bags are not permitted

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