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Jenny Covino

Kindergarten Teacher

Hello!  My name is Jenny Covino and I am so happy to be teaching Kindergarten at BFSMS. I graduated from Wayland Baptist University with a degree in Early Childhood Development and received my teaching certification through ACSI. I have certificates in Cross-Cultural Communications Cognition & Lingustics and in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES).

I had the privilege  of being the Spanish teacher and Librarian here from the years 2005-2011 when my daughter Aubrey was in elementary at BFSMS.  After years away teaching at a couple of other schools, I feel like I have come 'home'. 

I have two daughters. Aubrey just graduated at Texas A&M University and lives in Madrid.  My daughter Gwendolyn is doing her second year of residency at University Hospital. My husband Tom is a golf professional and gospel preacher - I'm truly thankful for the blessings in my life . Since my 'babies' are grown and flown, I am honored to have a classroom full of young hearts to spend the days with.  I promise to give them my all each day, making learning fun, and providing them with a classroom of acceptance and love. 

 I will always give a ready response as to how this school has impacted my daughter's life and mine.  Both of us made life long friends and the Core Knowledge curriculum has been an important base in my daughter Aubrey's education over the years.  Years ago I knew Buckner Fanning and his sweet wife , Martha, and know that their vision of this school was to share Jesus' love.  I see that happening every day here and I strive to shine my light and plant seeds as best I can. 

I love reading, traveling with my husband to destination golf courses, flipping houses, art and design of all sorts, and FIESTA in San Antonio-Viva!  My favorite passage in the bible is Proverbs 31.  I am an advocate and volunteer for Unreached Africa/African Hope providing Christian education to orphaned children, Southwest Key Program serving underprivileged youth and unaccompanied "dreamer" minors, and the Epilepsy Foundation of South Texas.  These causes are near and dear to my heart!

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