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Mary Leroy

Art Teacher

Hello, my name is Mary LeRoy.  I am a native of San Antonio and have two wonderful daughters, one 28 and one 16 years old.  I studied fashion design in college and received my degree in fashion, but continued my education years later studying Art Education finishing at Texas State.

This is my 11th year teaching art at Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs.  There are so many reasons why I have been so happy here.  First off the art room is the best!!  I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful space to teach our students about art.  The school has always embraced the importance of art in a students whole school experience, too.   The smaller class sizes have allowed me as their teacher to offer more in depth learning and hands on experiences.   But one very important element about teaching at our school has been the feeling of family.  Not only do the staff feel like family, but the teachers love and care for the students as family too.  We truly love our kids and we love our school. I love teaching art to kids!!

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