Middle School


Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs (BFSMS) middle school program begins at 5th grade and ends at 8th.  It is designed to support students through the transition from elementary school while preparing them for high school and college preparatory classes in a nurturing and supportive environment. Our goal is to provide a positive atmosphere enabling students to continue developing confidence.  We focus on helping students question, challenge and test what they are learning.  Classes are collaborative and discussion based and instruction is structured to encourage the development of critical and abstract thinking skills.


BFSMS’ curriculum is content driven. By the end of each school year, students are expected to accomplish specific performance objectives in each area of the curriculum.  Student performance is closely monitored by teachers throughout the year, guiding students to ensure they meet their goals.  Core Knowledge Curriculum and STEAM academic subjects are enriched with fine arts, foreign language, technology and physical education.  Teachers use a variety of teaching methods to cater to the various learning styles and strengths of students.


Additional approaches include lectures, research, technology, hands-on activities and many cross-curriculum activities.


As part of our commitment to Christian education, students attend upper- school chapel three days a week.  Chapel is led by pastors from The Fellowship of San Antonio who through bible lessons, work to teach students about morality and how to manage their actions and emotions in today’s intricate world.